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Icon representing Admin Services by IdentikaFor government agencies that are subject to the terms of the Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act Identika offers premiere Administrative Support Services.  Under the provisions of the FAIR Act, target agencies must undergo a “Competitive Sourcing” process which simply describes a systematic effort to have all commercial activities in the Federal Government periodically go through a process of competition.

As your agency systematically undergoes a Competitive Sourcing process to have all commercial activities periodically go through competition, and, when your agency identifies certain administrative support positions that must be transitioned from government full time equivalent (FTE) to long-term contract as the positions are vacated by the current Federal employees, Identika can partner with your agency to help you seamlessly transition these functions.

We offer a number of Admin Support services to help you meet with the FAIR act. Our Admin Support services include but are not limited to:

  • Administrative tasks for general office support
  • Administrative tasks for services support
  • Your candidates always exceed our expectations.Ed Pasquier, COO - The Ventura Group
    Administrative tasks for travel support
  • Administrative tasks for meeting support and event planning services
  • Administrative tasks for mail support services
  • Administrative tasks for procurement support services
  • Administrative tasks for personnel support services
  • Administrative tasks for publication support services
  • Marketing, outreach, and conference support
  • Staffing of administrative and clerical positions, including but not limited to General Clerks, Administrative Assistants, Senior Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Project Managers, and Program Managers.

We have also successfully provide administrative support services to commercial customers.

How We Do It

Identika has successfully provided Administrative Support services to federal government agencies and commercial customers throughout the United States. We have developed a framework that allows us to seamlessly transition government administrative staff to our company, find and recruit additional staff, and provide effective management and oversight to verify that the government is getting a return on their investment.

With robust processes for staffing, recruiting, and project execution, Identika is able to quickly transition incumbent staff, recruit new staff, and execute the administrative functions efficiently. Our Admin Support framework places your agency’s mission at the center of our strategy. Then we address the project needs based on three major pillars:

  1. Locations that must be supported, in the Continental U.S. or overseas and develop a management and staffing plan for each location
  2. Tasks that must be supported, identifying the key stakeholders, performance and quality expectations, and schedule of tasks
  3. People: Effectively pairing job descriptions and functions with skills and experience of the staff that will perform the tasks.

We complement our strategy with a cloud-based staffing system that enable us to be more efficient when recruiting candidates. We automate the process of posting jobs, letting candidates apply for jobs via our website, and we maintain sophisticated dashboards to track and qualify applicants.

We work with agencies under different models, including IDIQs, fixed price, or time and materials. Our infrastructure and best practices for Administrative Support will be available to free you from administrative tasks, so you can concentrate on the strategic aspects of your agency or company’s mission.

Admin Support that Works

Contact Identika to learn more about how our Administrative Services will help you accomplish your agency's mission and goals.

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