Unsolicited Submissions

Identika LLC (Identika) does not accept unsolicited material. Unsolicited submissions of  screenplays, teleplays, web episodes, or similar materials, either submitted physically on the mail or electronically, will be discarded or returned to the sender, unopened.

If you have a project you would like to submit to us, please contact us first and send a brief synopsis of your project and, if available, a demo reel. Be aware that Identika may already have a similar project at any stage of production.

Identika is always on the lookout for emerging writers and directors with compelling stories and commercial appeal. We welcome invitations to screenings, showcases, screenplay readings, investor presentations, theatre events, and performances, preferably in the North East (Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City areas).

Cast & Crew Submissions

Actors may submit their resume/CV, headshots, demo reels, and social media links at anytime. We love discovering new talent and working with existing talent for corporate projects or film productions. However, we only cast via our job board or through official casting agencies. You can check out our blog from time to time, follow us on social media outlets, or subscribe to our newsletter for casting and production announcements

Composers, cinematographers and other crews are welcome to submit their demo reels to us at anytime and follow us for production announcements.