RIP Master of Light


Vilmos Zsigmond - In Memoriam

We pay tribute to the late Vilmos Zsigmond, one of the most influential cinematographers in the history of cinema, who passed away recently, and we recount our experience developing the E-Commerce website for one of his seminal movies, Summer Children.

Happy Birthday Marines!


United States Marine Corps - Seal

On this day in 1775, the U.S. Marine Corps was founded. The birthplace of the Marines is believed to be Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, which was used as a recruiting headquarters for the Revolutionary War in November of 1775. [Read More…]

Every movie ever made, in any language, anytime, day or night..


Blog post - Every movie ever made

In a TV commercial for Qwest (telecommunications company) that aired in 1999 a business traveler arrives to a motel and asks about amenities and entertainment; the bored girl at the front desk responds: “all rooms have every movie ever made in any language, anytime, day or night“. The commercial ends with a narrator asking: “Could your business use the bandwidth … Read More